How To Promote E-Commerce in 7 Ways?

Want to promote e-commerce?Are you trying to make your first sale on a shoestring marketing budget?Have you been running your e-store with little success?Whatever the situations may be just stop getting worried sick.there are numerous free ways to market your e-commerce business and yet get noticed at the same time.

Read this blog to know how that is even possible .

1.Target Your Existing Customers

When businesses have trouble growing,they immediately think its because they don’t have enough customers. This is a common misconception,so dont jump to conclusions.

Look at the impact loyal customers have on an e-commerce site:


Compared to new customers and customers who only made one purchase on your website,loyal customers:

*add more items to their shopping carts. 

*have a higher conversion rate.

*generate more revenue each time they visit your site.

Try to come up with a customer loyalty program that gives people an incentive to spend more money each time they shop. Each penny spent can translate to a reward point.When a customer accumulates a certain number of points,they can redeem them for discounts on other promotions.

2.Create A Mobile Friendly Browsing Experience

Mobile browsing is now the most common way for people to shop online and its getting more popular day by day.The times when you could get away with a poor quality app or mobile sites are a thing of the past because it’s no longer a novelty.

People won’t put their phones away and dust off their desktops, they’ll just click over to one of your competitors.That means they’re growing at your expense,and that’s clearly not a good thing for the longterm future of your brand.

3.Use Photos When You Include Customer Testimonials

User reviews and testimonials are a great way to show proof of concept. But a message from some nameless ad faceless person isn’t that convincing. 

Take your testimonials one step further.

Add a photo and include the person’s full name and title(if relevant to your product)

Here’s a great example from PANGEA ORGANICS:

The above example shows that including a picture of the face shows that she’s a real person and not just somebody you made up.

4.Seasonal Promotions Always Hit The Spot

When the holidays are moving quickly into view, it’s time to get your seasonal promotions and festive offerings up to speed. Putting thought into them well in advance will allow you to create a joined-up promotional campaign that works right across the year.

Even if the core features of the offers themselves don’t change all that dramatically from one festivity to the next,at east your brand will be seen to be joining in with the fun.This is really important if you want to humanize your brand so that people actually want to connect with you.

5.Create FOMO (fear of missing out)

Create the fear of missing out with flash sales and lightening deals.Nobody wants to miss out, FOMO is particularly evident when you look at just how many people spend their lives glued to their phones.

They want to ensure they don’t miss anything  and you need to be making use of this primal human desire.Here are some easy ways to create FOMO with ease:

*Offer 1-hour warnings that give huge discounts on a particular product.

*Create limited stock sales with countdown timers that pop up during your slowest periods.

*Have a note your homepage that a lightning sale will start at any point in the next 24-hours. 

6.Accept Different Payment Options

You have to give people different options to pay for the products and services on your websites.

IF you only accept Visa and MasterCard, you’re alienating lots of potential customers. Make sure you have the capability to accept debit cards in addition to credit cards. 

Best buy accepts 6 different types of credit cards on their website. They also give customers the option of paying through PayPal.

The last thing you want is a customer who wants to make a purchase but can’t complete it because you don’t take their primary payment method. Continue to adapt to the new trends as well. Alternative payment options such as Apple Pay are growing in popularity too.

7.Apply Promocodes and Discounts

The best way to promote your e-commerce is to apply promotional codes and give discounts on your products.

Promotional codes or promo codes is a series of letters or numbers that allow you to get a discount on something. Promotional codes are an effective way to track your marketing efforts.It may sound simple, but not enough companies are offering discounts to their customers. If you’re worried about your profit margins, just use a marketing strategy that’s as old as time.

Jack up the basic price of each product and then put it on sale.Promo codes campaigns in boosting and promoting your e-commerce website.

Take a look at the above example of Amazon .They are offering discount of Rs 2000 on their website.Everyone’s love getting a good deal, so apply Promo Code. Click here to know how to create promo codes in woo commerce.

There are some easy step which will definitely help you in promoting your e-commerce.

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