Bird Attendance Management System

BIRD ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is specially developed for schools and educational institutions in we digitize the attendance system. Here we provide the Smart identity  cards with the details of students like any other identity card. 

These cards are to be scanned with machines we install in the schools.

How It Works

  • We provide you the smart RFID Card with every details of students on it.
  • Student will punch the ID Card on machine installed by us.
  • His/Her attendance will mark on server and an automatic SMS will generate and send to their registered mobile number.
  • Your data is completely secure with us and you can use it in future too.

How To Sell Products On A Website?

1. Choosing Your Website Hosting

For your website to live on the web, you need hosting. First, let us know what is hosting- A Web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. If you don’t have a domain, the hosting companies will help you purchase one. 

BE sure to look fir a provider that can support ecommerce options. You want a web hosting plan that provides the level of security you need to accept purchases. nd it must be compatible with ecommerce software cart and checkout functionality.

domain image

2. Pick Your Domain Name

You see , your domain name is the key element of your website. It can make or break you, so it’s crucial to choose a domain name that works for your business.

 1. It’s Your “first impression”. Your URL is the first thing your visitors will see. A good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression, while a bad domain name can send visitors running.

2. It affects SEO. While exact match domains are no longer a necessity , keywords in your domain name can still help your SEO ranking.

3. It defines your brand .- Your domain name is a brand oppurtunity!

The right domain can increase brand recognition.

Unless your business already has a unique name, the hardest part of this step will likely be finding a domain name that works and is available. A lot of options will already be taken-especially the .com options.

domain name

3. Design Your E-Commerce Website

Your website needs to look professional and have a design that guides your visitors towards making a purchase.

A professional designer like us will obviously help you on making the idea go to work. 


4.Get Your SSL Certificate.

After the secure connection is made, the session key is used to encrypt all transmitted data. Browser connects to a web server (website) secured with SSL (https). Browser requests that the server identify itself. Server sends a copy of its SSL certificate , including the server’s public key.


1. Log into your website’s panel. 

2.Go into the security option.

3.Find the let’s Encrypt option or secure hosting option and click it.

4.Select your domain name and fill other options such as email address if asked.

5. Click install or add new option

6.Save the certificate after it gets created.


5.Take High Quality product Photographs

Many people are image driven and many types of products, being able to see what you’ll get plays a big role in the decision to buy.So your product photography needs to be effective. If you can afford it, consider hiring a professional photographer. They’ll already have a good handle on the best lighting and angles to make your products look great. 

If not,at least invest in the right equipment to take the best photographs possible yourself.Use a good camera, a tripod, lights, and a background to set up the shot just right. Take a lot of different shots so you can choose the best one. The right photograph can make the difference in whether or not a customer decides to buy.

6.Promote Your Website

Many people are image driven and many types of products, being able to see what you’ll get plays a big role in the decision to buy.So your product photography needs to be effective. If you can afford it, consider hiring a professional photographer. They’ll already have a good handle on the best lighting and angles to make your products look great. 

If not,at least invest in the right equipment to take the best photographs possible yourself.Use a good camera, a tripod, lights, and a background to set up the shot just right. Take a lot of different shots so you can choose the best one. The right photograph can make the difference in whether or not a customer decides to buy.

How To Register Your Domain Name?

Register Your Domain Name With

1. Go To and enter your chosen domain name.

godaddy image

2.Select the $2.99 option. Then select, ‘continue to cart’ on the top right , when you see that your domain name is available.

godaddy image

3. On the next screen, you can select if you want domain privacy protection. If you’re not worried about people knowing who owns the domain, then simply select “No thanks”.

godaddy image

4.Select the term and proceed to checkout

godaddy image

Select for how long you want the domain to be registered, keep in mind the most cost-efficient term is currently for two years, this gives you an overall 41% discount.

OR- once you’ve selected your term, hot the ,”proceed to Checkout” button. Once you’ve selected a suitable term, you’re going to have to create an account, followed by entering your payment details. And that’s it, your domain is registered for you.

Tips For Choosing Domain For Your E-Commerce!

What is Domain?

A domain contains a group of computers that can be accessed and administered with a common set of rules. For example, a company may require all local computers to be networked within the same domain so that each computer can be seen from other computers within the domain or located from a central server.

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is the address where internet users can access your website. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, and can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .net, and more.

The Domain name must be registered before you can use it.

Why is Your Domain Name important?

You see , your domain name is the key element of your website. It can make or break you, so it’s crucial to choose a domain name that works for your business.

1. It’s Your “first impression”. Your URL is the first thing your visitors will see. A good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression, while a bad domain name can send visitors running.

2. It affects SEO. While exact match domains are no longer a necessity , keywords in your domain name can still help your SEO ranking.

3. It defines your brand .- Your domain name is a brand oppurtunity!

The right domain can increase brand recognition.

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name?

1. Use the correct Domain name extensions.


According to research from Domain Name Stat , 43% of all domains have the “.com” extension.

Because “.com” is the most familiar and easiest to remember.

While there are many successful websites with a “.net” and “.org” , your website will probably do better if it has a “.com” extension. It’s the safest bet.

2. Brandable name

Creative and brandable are always better than generic. Your domain name is how the visitors will find, remember, and share your company on the web . It is the foundation of your brand. A branadable domain name is unique and stands out from the competition.

How to find a more brandable domain name: 

1. Create new words. you can make your own catchy, new words. Google, Bing did the same.

2. Use existing words. You can use a thesaurus to find interesting words that fit  your brand.

3. Use domain name generators. These tools can help you create a unique, brandable domain name from your initial domain ideas and keywords.

3. Easy To Type And Spell

Google, Facebook , Instagram are some of the examples of the name which are easy to spell and type ofcourse. Your viewers should be able to type your domain name without a problem. No complicated sentence should be there. 

As easily as your domain name rolls off the tips of your fingers, it should roll-off the tip of your tongue. This makes it easier for visitors to share your domain name to others as well .Pronounciation is what matters .

4. Avoid Numbers

Easy to spell and pronounce are done but now numbers can become a hurdle too. They can make it more difficult. What if Instagram would have been Insta1Gram it would have become more difficult to explain to anyone.

It would have not spread so quickly in that case. Your domain name should be easy and smooth , no numbers should come in that way.

4. Short Length is the Best


When it comes to length, it should be short and concise. Aim for minimum characters(6) and maximum characters(15). As you know, the shorter, the better.

What Is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce means buying and selling of goods, products or services over the internet. E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. These services provided online over the internet network. Transaction of money, funds, and data are also considered as E-commerce.

 These business transactions can be done in four ways: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), Customer to Business (C2B). The standard definition of E-commerce is a commercial transaction which is happened over the internet. 

Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, Myntra, Ebay, Quikr, Olx are examples of E-commerce websites. By 2020, global retail e-commerce can reach up to $27 Trillion.

e commerce

Types of E-commerce

Electronic commerce can be classified into four main categories. The basis for this simple classification is the parties that are involved in the transactions. So the four basic electronic commerce models are as follows,

1. Business to Business

 Business to Business – Here the companies are doing business with each other. The final consumer is not involved. So the online transactions only involve the manufactures,wholesalers,retailers etc.

2. Business to Consumer

Business to Consumer- Here the company will sell their goods and/or services directly to the consumer. The consumer can browse their websites and look at products, pictures, read reviews. Then they place their order and the company ships the goods directly to them. Popular examples are Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc.

3. Consumer to Consumer

Consumer to consumer, where the consumers are in direct contact with each other. No company is involved. It helps people sell their personal goods and assets directly to an interested party. Usually, goods traded are cars, bikes, electronics etc. OLX, Quikr etc follow this model.

4. Consumer to Business

This is the reverse of B2C, it is a consumer to business. So the consumer provides a good or some service to the companh. Say for example an IT freelancer who demos and sells his software to a company. This would be a C2B transaction.

advantage of ecommerce

Advantages Of E-commerce

  • E-commerce provides the sellers with a global reach. They remove the barrier of place . Now sellers and buyers can meet in the virtual world, without the hindrance of location.In short,it eliminates the need for physical store and will expand your business.
  • Electronic commerce will substantially lower the transaction cost. It eliminates many fixed costs of maintaining brick and mortar shops. This allows the companies to enjoy a much higher margin of profit.Your business can also save money on rent,utilities, maintenance and other cost associated with business stores. 
  • It provides quick delivery of goods with very little effort on part of the customer.Customer complaints are also addressed quickly. It also saves time, energy and effort for both the consumers and the company.
  • One other great advantage is the convenience it offers. A customer can shop 24×7. The website is functional at all times, it does not have working hours like a shop.
  • Electronic commerce also allows the customer and the business to be in touch directly, without any intermediators. This allows for quick communication and transactions. It also gives a valuable personal touch.
disadvantage of ecommerce

Disadvantages of E-Commerce

  • The start-up costs of the e-commerce portal are very high. The setup of the hardware and the software, the training cost of employees, the constant maintenance and upkeep are all quite expensive.
  • Although it may seem like a sure thing, the e-commerce industry has a high risk of failure. Many companies riding the dot-com wave of the 2000s have failed miserably. The high risk of failure remains even today.
  • At times, e-commerce can feel impersonal. So it lacks the warmth of an interpersonal relationship which is important for many brands and products. This lack of a personal touch can be a disadvantage for many types of services and products like interior designing or the jewelry business.
  • Security is another area of concern. Only recently, we have witnessed many security breaches where the information of the customers was stolen. Credit card theft, identity theft etc. remain big concerns with the customers.
  • Then there are also fulfilment problems. Even after the order is placed there can be problems with shipping, delivery, mix-ups etc. This leaves the customers unhappy and dissatisfied.

How To Create Promo Codes In Woo Commerce

Online shopping has made it easy for shoppers to find the best deals. As a result,people spend more time on finding deals than discovering new products.Creating coupon codes with Woocommerce and providing your customers with discounts can help your business grow faster.

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can create WooCommerce coupon codes with ease.

Creating A Coupon Code With E-Commerce

If you’re brand new to WooCommerce, you’ll need to install the WooCommerce plugin first, then add a few products to your store before creating a coupon code.

1.Start by creating the code for your coupon at the top — this is the code customers will apply at the checkout to get their discount. It’s also worth adding a brief description below to help you remember what the coupon is for.

2.The coupon page has three tabs on the left-hand side: General, Usage Restriction, and Usage Limits.Look at your extreme left where you different setting categories and sub-categories. From there scroll a little down to find out your WooCommerce tab, hover over it and click on Coupon. See the screenshot for further help. WooCommerce » Coupons

3.You will be greeted with a new page like this. Click on “Create your first coupon.

As shown in the above picture you are greeted with a new page and just click on create your first coupon.

4. A new page will appear to create your first coupon.

5. Now you have to write your coupon code in the given text box. Now you can add your coupons by entering any coupon name you like. For example. “30OFF”, “Discount20Percent”,  “HalloweenSale” etc in the coupon text box.

Just below it, there’s also a description box for coupons (which is optional by the way), but it is s highly recommended that you write something interesting and catchy for your product. (Or you could add those appealing “limited time” offers in the detailing for your online promo codes.6.Now navigate to Coupon Data » General Tab to select your discount type. 7.Enter Coupon amount in the next box like 15, 30, 45, 70 (numerics) 8.In the next box – Allow Free Shipping; only check this box if you’re shipping items physically and want to give your client free shipping. Otherwise, it’s your choice.9.Next up comes the Apply before Tax box which lets you choose whether you want the coupon code applicable before or after calculating the total cart-in amount/tax. 

Understand the Different Types of Discounts of WooCommerce Coupons

WooCommerce offers 3 types of discounts to products. They are

  1. Percentage Discount
  2. Fixed Cart Discount
  3. Fixed Product DiscountThe names are self-explanatory, but we will discuss them too for your convenience.

    – Percentage Discount allows you to create coupon codes that will apply a fixed percentage of the discount. For example, if you want to give your customers 20% off of everything, a percentage discount will do that for you.

– Fixed Cart Discount takes off a fixed amount of money from your total cart. For example, a $20 coupon of fixed cart discount will take off $20 – whatever your cart amount is. It is fixed.

– Fixed Product Discount only works in particular products. These promo codes will not work on the full cart and will only take off the money of that specific product.

These are some of the easy steps to come to the conclusion of making promocodes or coupon codes with woo commerce.

How To Promote E-Commerce in 7 Ways?

Want to promote e-commerce?Are you trying to make your first sale on a shoestring marketing budget?Have you been running your e-store with little success?Whatever the situations may be just stop getting worried sick.there are numerous free ways to market your e-commerce business and yet get noticed at the same time.

Read this blog to know how that is even possible .

Here are some easy steps to promote your e-commerce

1.Target Your Existing Customers

When businesses have trouble growing,they immediately think its because they don’t have enough customers. This is a common misconception,so dont jump to conclusions.

Look at the impact loyal customers have on an e-commerce site:


Compared to new customers and customers who only made one purchase on your website,loyal customers:

*add more items to their shopping carts. 

*have a higher conversion rate.

*generate more revenue each time they visit your site.

Try to come up with a customer loyalty program that gives people an incentive to spend more money each time they shop. Each penny spent can translate to a reward point.When a customer accumulates a certain number of points,they can redeem them for discounts on other promotions.

2.Create A Mobile Friendly Browsing Experience

Mobile browsing is now the most common way for people to shop online and its getting more popular day by day.The times when you could get away with a poor quality app or mobile sites are a thing of the past because it’s no longer a novelty.

People won’t put their phones away and dust off their desktops, they’ll just click over to one of your competitors.That means they’re growing at your expense,and that’s clearly not a good thing for the longterm future of your brand.

3.Use Photos When You Include Customer Testimonials

User reviews and testimonials are a great way to show proof of concept. But a message from some nameless ad faceless person isn’t that convincing. 

Take your testimonials one step further.

Add a photo and include the person’s full name and title(if relevant to your product)

Here’s a great example from PANGEA ORGANICS:

The above example shows that including a picture of the face shows that she’s a real person and not just somebody you made up.

4.Seasonal Promotions Always Hit The Spot

When the holidays are moving quickly into view, it’s time to get your seasonal promotions and festive offerings up to speed. Putting thought into them well in advance will allow you to create a joined-up promotional campaign that works right across the year.

Even if the core features of the offers themselves don’t change all that dramatically from one festivity to the next,at east your brand will be seen to be joining in with the fun.This is really important if you want to humanize your brand so that people actually want to connect with you.

5.Create FOMO (fear of missing out)

Create the fear of missing out with flash sales and lightening deals.Nobody wants to miss out, FOMO is particularly evident when you look at just how many people spend their lives glued to their phones.

They want to ensure they don’t miss anything  and you need to be making use of this primal human desire.Here are some easy ways to create FOMO with ease:

*Offer 1-hour warnings that give huge discounts on a particular product.

*Create limited stock sales with countdown timers that pop up during your slowest periods.

*Have a note your homepage that a lightning sale will start at any point in the next 24-hours. 

6.Accept Different Payment Options

You have to give people different options to pay for the products and services on your websites.

IF you only accept Visa and MasterCard, you’re alienating lots of potential customers. Make sure you have the capability to accept debit cards in addition to credit cards. 

Best buy accepts 6 different types of credit cards on their website. They also give customers the option of paying through PayPal.

The last thing you want is a customer who wants to make a purchase but can’t complete it because you don’t take their primary payment method. Continue to adapt to the new trends as well. Alternative payment options such as Apple Pay are growing in popularity too.

7.Apply Promocodes and Discounts

The best way to promote your e-commerce is to apply promotional codes and give discounts on your products.

Promotional codes or promo codes is a series of letters or numbers that allow you to get a discount on something. Promotional codes are an effective way to track your marketing efforts.It may sound simple, but not enough companies are offering discounts to their customers. If you’re worried about your profit margins, just use a marketing strategy that’s as old as time.

Jack up the basic price of each product and then put it on sale.Promo codes campaigns in boosting and promoting your e-commerce website.

Take a look at the above example of Amazon .They are offering discount of Rs 2000 on their website.Everyone’s love getting a good deal, so apply Promo Code. Click here to know how to create promo codes in woo commerce.

There are some easy step which will definitely help you in promoting your e-commerce.

How We Increased The Beauty Route’s Profit By 200%

The Beauty Route

Introduction -

THE BEAUTY ROUTE- Organic Skin Care–  The Beauty Route provides you 95% organic skin care  products. From ingredients, to ditch  dependency on toxic chemicals and repair the skin naturally. Beauty route believes that beauty products made of living substances such as plants or their extracts, are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. These contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to nurture the skin and for eternal beauty. They are the perfect foods for the skin. Now beauty route is providing all organic skin care products.


THE BEAUTY ROUTE  met with us with a simple mission: Increased promotion and sale of her products and making the product a ‘BRAND’ .

With every client we focused on what really matters : Their business objectives and how we can make them meet them successfully.

Being bird communication we were being contacted by the beauty route by Shagufta Praveen (the founder/owner of the beauty route) and were asked for the branding and the promotion as mentioned. 

What We Did?

We, bird communication made her a brand now by making her work digitally established in the field of the organic market by making her e-commerce.( This website helped her in marketing successfully with a lot of customers being attracted towards her through the website itself. Other than that ,we made her website ranking uplifted every there after so that it is easily accessible for the viewers to find it. POSTERS were made for the beauty route which were attractive and yet useful for the customers to attract and made them buy the products. The customers increased successfully and yet a happy customer of ours is in the front. 

 We bought the brand to life with fresh, crisp design.With particular focus on the end user,we provided a website that allows the beauty route  to easily communicate via multiple channels to their customers including social, blogs and interactive competetions – and on any device. We designed, developed and delivered in online presence the products of the beauty route .We also made sure to promote the beauty route’s position as the premier number in the following.


AS A RESULT-The website was designed in the exact way the client wanted and encompassed all the functionally to the best . 

Our passionate efforts ,thoughtful strategies, indepth knowledge and experience helped us design the website that encompasses infatuating looks and high performance. Organised in the perfect way ,the content lets the visitors know the value of organic products at the first glance only ,which was the main objective of the Beauty Route.

The fast loading speed , easy to use interface,easy navigation and the attractive design have helped the client to convey the message of the usage of their product and benefit with the objective of selling to as many people as possible in a concise way. 



Develop Your Matrimonial Website!


– we, bird communication will help you in building your matrimonial e commerce.

If you are a broker or someone who makes marriages  possible then you can make your work more powerful and increased by making a website of your own.A website of your own will make you a brand itself. matrimonial sites like, are some of the examples who are totally digging in the matrimonial platform. you can be one of them for sure and we will help you in making your matrimony work a brand .

Marriages are made in Heaven! However, there are many sources of searching brides and grooms now days.Matrimonial websites are very helpful for those and by being at your place you can make it digitally possible. There are a lots of reputed matrimonial sites which extend a very true and a sincere to all its members,you can surely be one of those.

Digital Upliftment

Introduction of your work digitally will make revolution in almost every sphere of your work i.e.digitally, profitably and widespread too.By sitting at your place you can make the brides and grooms go mad by giving them a large numbers of options as well as making them feel comfortable and yourself safe at the same time from any type of mishappenings and any type of defame.

From a limited numbers of clients you can make a large numbers of clients. Indian online wedding website of yours will offer today”s youngsters the freedom to search a soulmate from a million of wedding profiles,also a platform to communicate beyond geographical boundaries,and a oppurtunity to make this possible from your e commerce will make you a sucessful website owner.

Customer Growth-A main factor


Today the key facilitator for arranged marriages in india is not limited to our uncles and aunties for that matter,they are the matrimonial websites that stand testimony to the woodlock of two souls. Thanks to ever growing numbers of internet users approximately 500 million internet users,as they have access to cheaper smartphones,faster internet connectivity,65% of the population is under 35 and a predominant arranged marriage culture,the mushrooming online matrimonial business is here to stay!


If you have a traditional matrimony business,you can combine these efforts with the updated technology to get into the digital space. BIRD COMMUNICATION will design and develop a fully customised,mobile responsive matrimonial website so that you can get maximum traffic and dynamic so that the administrator can take control of the operations part. 


In today’s digital age, every word counts! through content marketing strategies and matrimony website development, maintenance solutions,you can boost your website content to rank higher in the search engine ranking pages. regular e-mailers,interesting information through blogs,can keep your customer engaged and garner interest from prospective ones too.


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